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Big: enormous-immense/tiny 'minute 
Fair: impartial-objective/prejudiced-biased 
Funny: humorous-comic/sombre-solemn 
Important: essential-vital/immaterial-trivial 
Strong: invincible-as tuff as old boots/flimsy-vulnerable 
Lucky: fortuitous-opportune/doomed-ill-fated 
Valuable: worth it's weight in gold-priceless/paltry-worthless 
Happy: elated-over the moon /dejected-as miserable as sin
A sip of wine, a spoonful of sugar, a knob of butter (nuez), 
a spring of parsley (ram, perej), a clove of grlic (dnte), 
a pin of salt, a drop of milk, a slice of bread.

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