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last week a student in the third year of secundary education from alonso quijano high school was found dead in the female restroom on the second floor un building 2.

a gire in the first year of baccalaureate went to the restroom last tuesday at 12 o 'clock in the morning.Then she saw a pair of legs through the bottom of one toilet door.She knocked on the door and nobody answered.After that she saw somebody running away.The girl started shouting and the chemistry teacher came into the toilet.The teacher kicked the door till it was opened.
The dwad body was there.Here head was inside the toilet.Somebody drowned her.
Fortunately,two girls of in the first year os secondary education were the witnesses of the terrible crime.
The police arrested the spanish teacher.She was the murderer.She confesed her crime.
She told the police that she was fed up with that student because she didn't study at all.
The judge found her guilty.She is in jail now.
Remember,study or the teacher will kill you.

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