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chapter 1

1:where did each of the three friends spend the summer holiday?
bobby went to his grandparent's house in california.Lisawent her aunt and uncle on their remote farm in scotland.Helen went to the leissure centre in her small town
2-why were helen and lisa impressed eith bobby?
because,bobby had an american driving licence
3-what exciting thing did helen do during the summer?
helen went to a hightclub in bristol with some friends
4-what happened while lisa was on the farm?
lisa's cousin took photos of her
5-what did helen and bobby see in the advertisement and why were they susprised?
they saw lisa,because she was model and was wearing the new winter collection of the teen shops
chapter 2
1-how do we know that lisa was a popular model?
you could see her face in every megazine in britain
2-what do we learn about gregory?
gregory is five and was starting primary school,he is an intelligent child but he was deaf,he communicated only by lip reading
3-compare helen's visit to nightclub during the summer and now
when helen  went to the nightclub during the summer,she was with a group of friends,but now she was alone and a little frightened
4-what happened after the man brought helen a drink and she tasted it?
the room started to turn
chapter 3
1-when bobby heard helen on the phone,how did the know that she was upset?
the voice on the phone was frightned and a little strange
2-how did bobby feel while he was driving?
he was a bit nervous
3-how did helen explain her trip to the nightclub?
she wanted some fun and exciting
4-how did helen escape from the man's car?
she opened the door,jumped out of the car
5-bobby and helen were absorbed in conversation.What was the result of this?
they didn't see the police car behind them,with its blue light flashing
chapter 4
1-why wasn't bobby's situation good when the policeman stopped him?
because he had to give the policeman his name and address.X
2-why didn't helen phone he parents?
because she was sure,she could get home
3-what was the result of bobby driving with hour a licence?
he will have to appear in court and his parents will have to pay a big fire
4-what ponishment did helen and bobby receive from their parents?
they had to stay out home for six weeks,no parties,no friends, and no films until 1st december
chapter 5
1-what good thing came from helen and bobby's ponishment?
their marks were fantastic
2-why couldn't helen celebrate on friday?
because it was gregory birthday party and she promised to help
3-after lisa described her life as a model,what did helen think?
she thought modelling and nightclub weree exaiting at first,but being with your friends is more important

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