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chapter 6

1-when helen came home from school,how could she see taht something unusual was happening?
gregory's class teacher and head mistress were talking with parent's helen
2-gregory's teacher was happy with his progress why?
because gregory was learning quikly and he had a good influence on the class
3-if the school wants to take more children with problems,what will it have to do?
they had to adapt the building so taht whelchairs,lifts,different toilets,winder doors
4-what did the headmistress suggest to helen?
she suggested that she and her friends organise fundraising to raise money and the winning team will set the holiday in paris
chapter 7
1-what different ideas were there for fundraissing?
they wanted to broke cakes,others wanted to take photograps,to give private leassons,organising,children's parties
2-which teams were the principal rivals of the three friends?
the beauty team is tear ten
the gives in the team went to people's houses and do their hair,their prices were much lower than at the hairdresser's
3-give two advantages of having the st valentine's day party in the leisure centre
helen is a member os the leisure centre,perhaps they'll give them  their hall for free
4-how will the friends get food for the party?
bacause they'll give them a lot of publicity
chapter 8
1-why won't there be a costume party?
because there's a hole in the roof and water everywhere
2-how will the friends tell everybody about the cancellation?
they are going to phone the lical radio station and they will put announcements on the walls at scholl
3-how did the beauty team and mike react to the cancellation and why?
the beauty team came and spoken to them,they were furious,mike wanted to interview the three friends,but they didn't want
5-what good news did the woman from the radio station give the friends?
a man offered his ware house to do the party
chapter 9
1-why is bobby worried about the newspaper team?
because they're making money with the party
2-why couldn't the friends decide what event to do next?
they were tiped,they were studying for exams and they couldn't ask business to give things for free too money times
3-what did helen and bobby do at the studio and what was their reaction?
they enjoyed watching her,but after a time they became bored
4-in joe's option,what event should the friends do next and why will helen be perfect for his?
a fashion show,because she will be a perfect model
5-why is joe prepared to help with the next event?
because it's a the fashion show
chapter 10
1-what did helen and lisa do after helen finished modelling?
they went to the estrance to help lisa,lisa  decided to go and set a cup os coffee and sonn returned eith a drink for helen
2-who was at the table wjile helen went to the toilet,and whay happened
ben,a boy in year geight,it wasn't money
3-why didn't bobby take the money to the bank the night before,after the first show?
because he was tired
4-why did the three friends feel bad what shows how they felt?
because they discussed they didn't say another word to each other x

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