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1. Analyse: examine in detail to show meaning, and identify elements and the relationship between them
2. Assess: make an informed judgement
3. Compare: identify/comment on similarities and/or differences
4. Consider: review and respond to given information
5. Contrast: identify/comment on differences
6. Demonstrate: show how or give an example
7. Describe: state the points of a topic / give characteristics and main features
8. Develop: take forward to a more advanced stage or build upon given information
9. Discuss: write about issue(s) or topic(s) in depth in a structured way
10. Evaluate: judge or calculate the quality, importance, amount or value of something
11. Examine: investigate closely, in detail 
12. Explain: set out purposes or reasons / make the relationships between things clear / say why and/or how and support with relevant evidence
13. Give: produce an answer from a given source or recall/memory
14. Identify: name/select/recognise
15. Justify: support a case with evidence/argument
16. State: express in clear terms
17. Suggest: apply knowledge and understanding to situations where there are a range of valid responses to make proposals/put forward considerations 
18. Summarise: choose and present the main points, without detail

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