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1 industrial rev: machines+new energy source+work location, agricultural revolution. England?- agricultural advances, fewer commercial obstacles, abunndant natural and easily aviable (rew materials, e.G., copper, coal)., invistment, democracy have the new bourgeois class pwerand influence, work ethic, growing population but small geographic size, involved in wars but fought in europe. 

Biggest innovation of all James watts(1786) applying steam power to cotton mils, nurning coal,steam engine, iron ore. Impact of train: lower cost, bigger cities, domand fmaterials, quiker, new instructure network,, based prodcts, easier migration, growing in active population.
2 ind rev:: electrici andoil, europe usa japan, 1870. Steel, thomas edison light bulb 1200 , 1876 jonh monopoly, 1870 grman state was created, chemical industry.

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