Hierarchical database model

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A database is a collection of información stored in a computer in a systematic way, such that a computer program can consult it to answer questions. Databases are an integral parte of almost any system in the world of computing today. Data is stored in database tables and sal is used to acces por modify this data.

Database modelo types 
Database can be based con defferent data models por databases modelos. A data modelos is a collection OS concepst and rules for the description of the structure of the database.
Network model and hierarchical modelo they build upon individual data sets and are able to expresa hierarchical por network like structurea of the real world
Relacional model it defines a database as a collection of tables which contain al data
Objet-oriented model define a database as a collection of objets with features and methods
Multidimensional model is a variación of the relacional model that uses multidimensional stuctures to organizó data and express the relationships between data

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