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•Pericles was a great politician and orator in the golden age of Athens For his years of service he was named the first citizen of Athens and promoted The arts and literature. 

When he was an adult, he was nicknamed "The Olympic" because of his imposing voice and exceptional speaker skills.

•Towards the thirty years, Pericles initiated its political race within The democratic party of Efialtes and, when this one was assassinated (461 a.C.), Assumed its direction and did approve by the Assembly of Athens a series of Reforms that accentuated the democratic character of the athenian State , despite the opposition of the oligarchy.

 Appointed strategist or Military chief in 454 BC, Pericles consolidated the hegemonic position of Athens in the Delian League, a confederation made up of various Greek cities to Fight the Persians, and used the treasury of the League to build the Acropolis.

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