Hippie movement

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This motion arises out of these people seek peace, these in your lifestyle is creating radical ideas, such as their protests with the companies, on globalization, to capitalism.
In addition, the hippie movement found in rock, a unique mode of expression, its core values were tolerance and love.
Counterarguments: they are revolutionaries: the hippie movement was not interested in changing society, but what they meant was to change society in the form íntegra.Los hippies took as rebellious attitude to withdraw from the society they condemned by friendly attitude and conservative. They began to gather in communes, constituted as free and hierarchies, in total contrast to what happened in bourgeois society.
have ideas contrary to those proposed by the church of what love is: regulations from the church or state were seen as intrusions into personal life and an obstacle to individual freedom.
nose are dirty and dressed appropriately: Many people not associated with these long-haired counterculture considered an offense, or "anti-hygienic ', or consider such a" thing of women. " Then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan defined the hippie as "a guy with hair like Tarzan, walks like Jane and smells like Cheetah."
do nothing:
that hippies do nothing is nonsense, 99% of the population does nothing. The Vietnam War showed the movement in total opposition to the war, his great dissent was manifested in various protests against the war and all violence. Make handicrafts for this work is based on the economies of many of them, which does not have to get a lot of money but it is a performing art with his own hands and sell them to survive without attracting the attention of the hippies economía.También opened a pathway for tolerance and respect to homosexuality and interracial relationships.
van with animals and musical instruments: patetico.apoya ecology.
many other critics of the hippie movement:

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