Hispanic American Fiction of the XX

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In the middle primare discern trends such as indigenous novel (Ciro Alegria with
the broad alien world), the novel of the Mexican Revolution (Manuel Azuela with The Underdogs) and the novel of the forest (Eustasio Rivera with The Vortex) 1 The new American novel.
New forms of narration in the 40 and 50, coincided with profound social transformations. Some features are:
The narrator is omniscient, temporal linearity breaks through different resources and in terms of language development are concerned about the pace of syntactic prose ....
In addition, various trend live:
a) Narrative metaphysics (concern about vital issues)-Jorge Luis Borges:Universal History of Infamy, includes seven fictional biographies of legendary characters, Fictions, how divided into two sections: The Garden of Forking Paths, and The Library of Babel. "Jose Lezana Lima: Paradiso, exposing the complexity of life until the age of twenty years. The existential and the metaphysical is constant in this kind of autobiography. b) Narrativa existential concern, accentuated by the Second World War.
"Juan Carlos Onetti: Stories villages of lonely people with a gray and monotonous life (similar to The Hive Cela) with Doctoyesky influences. It comes with a police structure, which entangles the reader: The yard, Juntacadáveres, Let the wind speak.
"Ernesto Sabato: Although scientific training rejecting scientific positivism, oblivious to the anguish of man would leave. His novels are an inquiry into the human mind, the madness, lucidity ... Works: The tunnel, tells a story of love and madness, narrated from the present for a person imprisoned. On Heroes and Tombs, frustration, unhappiness, failure of ideals. Abaddon the destroyer, guerilla repression, torture and death sequel, mixing between autobiography and fiction.

c) or the Real Magic Realism Wonderful
The second half of the century is a break with traditional realism with the appearance of mythical elements, fantastic, magical ... but maintaining a credible plot, hence the name. Authors important -
Muiguel Angel Asturias.In his American lives "wonderful", the social withdrawal and avant-garde forms. Mr. President, the dictator novel .- Alejo Carpentier: The Kingdom of This World, an account of the uprising of black people in Haiti a Hand character with magical powers. The Age of Enlightenment, a historical novel development of revolutionary events .- Julio Cortazar. Rayuela, narrative collage that allows sauteed reading, set in Paris and Buenos Aires is the search for existential .- Augusto Roa Bastos : His works revolve around his country, Paraguay. I supreme tale of corruption caused by power to become, Dr. Francia, a dictator .- Juan Rulfo: Pedro Páramo: Story search and finally sad reality of what will end up being a conversation dead in their graves.
2 The American novel since 1960
Boom of this type of novel, widely distributed and peak in the meaning of works by hearth narrative. The young authors were:
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Carlos Fuentes: The Death of Artemio Cruz, critical view of the Mexican revolution process.
Mario Vargas Llosa: La Ciudad y los Perros, set in a military school criticized his closed world and its violence.
Alfredo Bryce Echenique: A World for Julius.

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