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Postmodernism: Stetic rejects ideologies, mixing disciplins dist: letters, movies, culture musica.defiend stils populr and mixing, d fusion genres (comic) references concids.relativism k favrece own thinking and irony umor job \ lirica desde1975: Issues and cotidians pròxims (shared experiences), simple language and colokial (neologisms, ...), extranj dialogues and monologues, cuidao.Poesia precise language and experience: full princ persnls.referencia experiences to genrcn d ls 50.Autores: Luis García Montero " habitcions separads "seeks simplicity. Felipe Benitez Reyes: "ls vain worlds" "bad company" vision existncia disenchanted d the \ novel dsd1975: recuprar interest for the new game lector.pnto d nvla Eduardo Mendoza "the truth about the case Savolta. contenido.y importance to plot and not estructura.tendncias: nvla police, historic, intimate, testimonial.Autores: Eduardo Mendoza (Change l panrma narratvo with "the truth ..." detective novels and historical humor) Antonio Munoz Molina: great marias lengje.Javies domain: NVLS intelectuals.Luis Landero "juegs of age late" great success. \ teatrodsd75: 2 trends (inovadrs txts commercial theater and alternative theater, you experience the TXT cn. (Joglars, La Fura dels Baus) Autors Francisco snows: tea intelec.Jose Sanchis Sinisterra: dl preocupd x lngje renewal. "ay, crmela" Jose Luis Alonso de santos.comedias costumbriss "the estnkera of vallecas"
100 years d solitude GGM-life d 7 d ls genercions hispan Buendia.reprsnt in macondo.dsd evolution of foundation, civil war, capitalism, dcadncia and dstruccion.caract: game temporary outlook and magical blend elemnts reals.
20 poems and 1 d amr cnc desprd:

hisp literature: lyric: Trends postmodernism, avant-garde surrealist with intimate and subjective vision of reality (Pablo Neruda) and trends cmo social concern, commitment and solidarity, buskeda nuevs camns expresivs. (Octavio Paz) \ narrative: big interes social problems and politics crit-scenarios with vison rurals.-nuevs urbans or forms lengje (simbls, metafrs.)-mix with fantastic themes real dream come true, take myths and leyendas.Novela realistic driving realism exevarria estevan n europe and soon spread hispanoam.: d-fiction revolution (instability Politica dictadrs)-NVLS regionalsts (paisajs own life)-NVLS indegensta (x dsiwalda protest, holding) \ dl boom narrative: ls 40 and 50 change as d l escribr.inician Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Rulfo and culturalGabriel Garc cortazary undermine markz July. changes in themes (urban world, everyday life, loneliness, incomuncacio) in tcnics (fictional, moologo interior desordn chronology) and language. Magic Realism: union real magic and myths are added, Legends, etc.. \ Authors: "Jorge Luis Borges (narradr poet" fictions, the Aleph, the Book of Sand)-Miguel Angel Asturias Award nbel liter. "Mr. President" -Julio Cortazar: short stories "Bestari" rayela "-Gabriel Garcia Marquez: considrd maxim litratra hisp.d cough represntant d times." 100 ans d soldier supposed triumph d l renewal. "litter" story 1 death foretold dl tiemps love in anger. "Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet (1904-1973) considrad 1 d ls dl sXX.neftali autors + ricardo relevants nbl reyes.Premio with 1971.inicia in modernsmo Crepusculario and exceeds mdrnsm cn" 20 peoms d amr and 1 cncon dseprda "ls joins avant surrealsts residing in the T" published "Canto General" cn lngj + sncillo and drecto "100 sonts d amr" Black Island Memorial d "

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