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The group of five.
They are amateur musicians, with other professions outside the academy. Create a movement to upgrade the Russian music.
Cesar Antonovich Cui (1835-1918)
It is the group leader.
His music is less known but is a great theorist.
His book
is Russia's music is the foundation of all movement.
Alekseyevic Mili Balakirev (1836/7-1910)
Imaginative, eccentric.
He created the music school free of defying the St. Petersburg Conservatory.
Disciple of Glinka which makes him an interest in Spanish music.
He composed
theme Overture on Spanish and Spanish Serenade.
He made a great play (musical monument), a symphonic poem called
A thousand years from Russia.
Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (1839-1881)
It was a great orchestrator. His works were usually orchestrated by others.
Easy inspiration and imagination.
It could be the inspiration for the Impressionists by the use of intervals of 2nd, 4th and 5th in place and 6th.
The opera
Boris Godunov is based on Pushkin's work.
Music painted with characters, feelings, passions, etc..
Patriotism, solemnity, nobility, etc..
This is a series of pictures.
Another opera, Kovantchina. The left unfinished.
Pictures at an Exhibition for piano. (Orchestrated by Ravel and others). Hartmann Inc. Dedicated to the painter, who had died. It is the pictorial tour of an exhibition, 15 pieces.
The tables are linked by a piece of music that unites them, and called Promenade Tuileries
This work, it is the precursor to Impressionism. (Catacombs).
He has another book entitled A Night in the forest bare.
He made many lieder, which are very expressive.

Porfirievich Aleksander Borodin (1833-1887)
He was a scientist (doctor, chemist, researcher, teacher). A pioneer in the study of plastics.
It is called the Russian Mendelssohn for his kindness, opportunity instrumental scherzos sparkling and inability to feel sympathy for the tragic.
It builds up too much but better than other Russians (form).
Instrumentation rich without exaggeration.
Opera, Prince Igor, but soft on the rich and colorful action.
Symphonic poem In the Steppes of Central Asia where two themes are alternated until the cross (politematismo).
Two symphonies, the 2nd is his masterpiece. A 3rd is left unfinished.
Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908)
The most comprehensive group of five and more global reach after Tchaikovsky.
Marine profession, as an amateur musician, composing in his spare time.
Love the sea and his knowledge of the world (contact with different cultures and music).
Visit Spain and Spanish Capriccio up (dawn and fandango Asturian).
Just be professional music. You have permission to study at the conservatory in St. Petersburg and then teach it without finishing the race.
He had an innate sense of the orchestra, and wrote a treatise on orchestration. The most important legacy is the point.
He is interested in fantasy themes that enriched the orchestration.
Scheherazade 1888, taken from The symphonic suite mily Nights. Programmatic work.
The Great Russian Easter, solemn and grand.

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