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Philip II used government institutions to increase his power.He never convened the Cortes and he governed with the help of secretaries and representatives from Councils of state.He established territorial councils overseen by a viceroy/royal court.In Castilian cities he established royal officials called corregidores to represent his authority.He created a bureaucracy and increase the number of civil servants.He created a proffesioanl army called tercio./ The empire had territories all over the world and so when the sun sets in Europe, it´s daytime in the Americas, and the sun rises in the Asian territories./Demographic consequences of colonisation for the indigenous people was a great decline in population due to forced labour and disease/Population growth increased demand for products, as most of the wool was exported to northern Europe,local textile industries suffered/The demand revived overseas trade and stimulated european manufacturing,goods were shipped to the americas and the goods from the americas were distributed.

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