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ITALIAN UNIFICATION: Italy was divided into different states. The most important ones were Piedmont-Sardinia, the Kingdom of the Two Siccilies and parts belonging to the Austrian Empire. Prime Minister of Piedmont-Sardinia, Cavour declared war on Austria annexing Lombardy while Garibaldi defeated the Bourbons in the Kingdom of the Two Siccilies. Victor Manuel II of Savoy became king of Italy in 1866, Venetia joined Italy in 1870 and Papal States, except Vatican City were annexed. GERMAN UNIFICATION: Germany also was divided into different states being the most powerful Prussia and the Austrian Empire. Prussia established a customs union called Zollverein in 1834. In 1861, Wilheim became king of Prussia and Otto von Bismark was his Chancellor. After three wars against Denmark, Austrian Empires and France, Prussia made German unification possible with the proclamation of The Second German Empire. 

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