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when he arrived at Petrograd he set out his Bolshevick programme,urging a second revolution and increasing the Bolshevick support. The provisional government authority cllapsed and the army became to fall apart in a German counter attack due to the offensive they did in June. The desertions got worse and the peasants took controll overr the countryside and the soldiers didnt want to miss their turn when land was shared out. In july Kerensky produced evidence that Lenin had been hkped bythe germans. The rebellion support fell, and Lenin fled to Finland. In sept 1917 the army leader Kornilov marched his troops towards Moscow to get rid of the Bolshevicks and the provisional government and restore order. Kerensky then allied with hisopponents the Bolsheviks  and created the Red Guard Army, which made Kurnilovs troops refuse to fight because they were going to shoot their commerades. Kerensky lost armys and peasants support making food exportations fail and making the food price rise

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