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CAUSES 1ST WW (1914-1918): from the end of 19 century and first decade of 20 century the major countries of europe have tension between them so that resulted in the 1st WW. CAUSES: Was 5: 1.- Colonial conflicts: The Berlin conference (1885) had established rules for european countries to fight between them in the expansion of Asia and Africa, but Germany in 1905 and 1911 ofered to help Morocco against France. Germany had to back down because os the support og UK to France but Germany won Camerun. 2.-Alsace-Lorraine: Geramny conquered the territories of Alsacie and Lorraine that was part of France and this resulted in the Franco Prussian war. 3.- Balkan wars: This territorie was part of the Ottoman Empire. Because the decline of tgis empire , Austro-Hungaraian Empire anexxed Bosnia but Russia and Serbia wanted to increase their infuence there so this resulted in Balkans war (1912-1913) Austria lose so thei looked Germans for  support. 4.- Military race: There was two teams: 1.-Triple alliance: Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy 2.-Triple entente: France, Russia and UK 5.- The short term causes: On june of 1914 the Archiduke Franz Ferdinand heredero of the Austro-Hungary empire was assassinated by a Serbian gunman in Sarajevo (BOSNIA). This was the origin of 1WW.

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