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b)foreign trade: the main sea routes were:

THE MEDITERRANEAN ROUTE: Linked Catalan and Italian parts with Muslim and Byzantine parts. Europeans Imported: luxury products (silk, species)

exported: cloth and weapons

THE ATLANTIC AND BALTIC ROUTE: Was dominated by a merchants association (Hanseatic league). This route linked The parts of Portugal and Ccartabria with Flemish, German and Russian part.

They exchange wool, wine , wheat, Wood-

As a result: trade increase and banking techniques anf Financial methodas appeared: payment by credit: bankiers lent money in exchange For interest

 Bill of Exchange to avoid carrying money


From the 12th century guild were formed. They were Association of artisans of the same profesión that defended their interest. Each guild had a statue to control: production/ prices and number of workers/ Working hours/ won materials.

The guilds looked after their members and their Fromules and noboy could work if he was not in a guild.

The workshops were ont he ground floor of teir homes And they sold their products

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