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AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION-Production divided by the surface and the numbre of workers,it was a series of transfer motion since the 18c which mode it much more production

better hygiene,better medicine,decline in major epidemics and fewer wars

ENCLOSURE ACTS-A group of laws passed in england since the 2nd half of the 18c which allowed to convert the common land into private property
rich farmers benefited from it and the poorest people where damage of it

NORFOLK SYSTEM-Was a kind of year rotation system,a quadrenial rotation system practised in england and it developed during the 18c.
it increase the productivity a lot

FIRST INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION-A series of  very deep changes in the secondary sector due to the incorporation of machines which drove to much production

FACTORIES-Large buildings with many workers and machines powered by a common power supply

James Watt-The man who invented the steam engine

SECOND INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION-Was a new industrialisation way which started by the 1850s with the invention of some innovations like the Bessemers converter.According to other historians the begining was the 1870s when new production system where applied

TRANSPORT REVOLUTION-A series of changes that made transport much better it improved a lot.Steam boat,railway,sea steam boat where some advances

ECONOMIC LIBERALISM-Right to private property and free market,when we say free market we refer to the minimum intervention by the state

TAYLORISM-A new production system that is the same as mass production

FORDISM-Is the chain production

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