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*take meeting--power king, feulliants: political grouping--existance--jacobins split between them, sought  preserve position king+ supported plan national assembly--constitutional monarchy,press overthrow Louis XVI. girondists-- political factionLegislative Assembly+National Convention.end monarchy resisted the spiraling momentum of the Revolution. Came conflict-- The Mountain. jacobins Republicans popular sovereignty view indivisibility nation led advocate a centralized state. Cordeliers, popular clubs,  prevent abuse power and “infraction of the rights of man.” derived from original meeting place in Paris, The sans-culottes radical left-wing partisans lower classes;urban laborers, dominated. Reign of Terror ended, Jacobins lost power--a coup d’etat, moderate bourgeoisie frightened. National Convention  rule as government new constitution written, denied right vote not afford pay vote tax. Established office of five directors, Directory, ruled France, used  army  put down  number of disputes. Rich grow,  poor very little. Old problems creep France. New government running out of  money pay civil employees+ carry on process governing  nation. Effective first years, corruption and self-service set in. Internal bickering and in-fighting increasingly destabilised country, two members Paul Barras and Abbe Sieyes plotted with Napoleon Bonaparte overthrow colleagues. Coup of Brumaire succeeded  Directorydissolved. Replaced Consulate.

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