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Benito Perez Galdos-renewing a romantic drama with works of social criticism as Electra, denounced the religious fanatic and uncompromising. Adapting novels to the theater: Zaragoza, Donna perfect and Gerona.
Teatro de la Renaissance.
Angel Guimerà xa prose used to create a natural language based on popular speech. Terra Baixa: rural drama based on emotional conflict that ends tragically.
Modernism and 98.
since the late nineteenth century until the 30's unsteady political and social changes and wars WWI 1914. Division of the great powers in two blocks: Triple Alliance-Germany, autria-Hungary and Italy. Triple Entente Franco-Russian alliance + england.
Rise of colonialism began and 1880 x for economic, strategic, political and prestige. 30 years in Asia and Africa are shared.
Were approved in Norway, Portugal and England form of government where the people rule (government people).
Outbreak of World War 1914/1918. June 28, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to the Austro-Hungarian crown. The real reason is the AFA imperialist, the large amount of weapons, nationalism and suspicion of other powers.
Russian Revolution 1917. RJ-communist ideology is spreading around the world.
Building societies Nations. To keep the peace, resolve disputes and promote international cooperation.
The crisis of the 29 "crack" of wall street economic chaos in Europe and USA

Rise of fascism: Italy Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler 1933 German elections the Nazi party in Germany wins World War II begins.
Social context.
triumph of market economy and private property.
the bourgeoisie becomes the ruling class, consolidates the parliamentary system and is the end of aristocratic privilege.
Rise of trade unions are demanding better working conditions. technological change in the prevailing conception of the world so far. City growth migration from rural to city (Glass-proletariat). Decrease the influence of the church: the influence of the theories of Freud, Nietzsche and Marx in which the man is the center and dean of the cosmos.
Spanish social historical context
crisis of the last century colonial disaster for the loss of the last colonies of Cuba and 1898.
struggle between two parties: Conservatives (former regime) Liberal Party. Attempt to connect Spain with European progress.
unstable period: 1868, the glorious revolution, Bourbon restoration with the return of Alfonso XII, alternating government liberals and conservatives, Republicans in 1931 and socialist victory in the municipal obtain, which overthrows the monarchy and establishing the Second Republic. Cause of the disaster of 1898: the republic is running out but there is stability, population growth, industrialization and the cornice cataluña increcimiento cantabrica and mining sites

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