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Political causes: Christian Kingdom continued their expansion, for monarchs the conquests of territoris was an opportunity to adquire gold and silver to finance their rule Economic consequences the fall of constantinople to the turks had clossed the traditional European route, there was interst to find a new route to india and china to bring supplies

Scientific causes books argued that the earth was round and much smaller that it really is, sailors considered that is posible to find india or china by ailing westwards Technical causes seanavigation needs the use of compass, astrolabe, cartography there was new types of ship caravel ang carrack
Religious causes prompted the interest in finding the legendary Christian Kingdom of Prester John wich was though to be in Africa Ideologycal causes humanist and scholars were interested in checking the veracity of the ancient text
Portolan charts were maps wich had a graphic scale and were marked with routes Compasses to check the direction of the ship when out at the sea Astrolabe enabled them to use the stars to measure distances and check the ships latitude Nocturnal was used to measure time at night and also the tides 
The tasks consisted in the asembly of metal types to compose the page, each type was a mobile letter with wich the word of text were form the inked types of metal; the prnting of the sheets using a press that pressed them over inked metal plate; the correction of the printed sheets and the ordination of the sheets for bookbinding a book

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