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RENACE. XV-XVI: Vesalius: dissection. cadavers. Pad anat.''De corporis fabrica Libri septem Humeni.''Pare: 1 prót.mano.cirujano we advised stump massage, cicatr retáct and atrophic mus. MENDEZ CRISTOBAL: 1 libr exercise therap.''Subs and book Provex d ' 'benefit modalias difern exercise, passive exercise xa encamads. Savanarola: 1 trat balneot.''''De Balneis et Thermis. PIETRO Vergerio: ex. with prog physical educ., esc d young Nobels, mntal and physical educ (hydrothermal no = swimming). WILLIAM GILBERT: Magnetsm and elec. corporibus''De Magnete''magnetism.

GREECE: Ascetics (body + mind); Atho l (atltas), Aristotle: Padr.kinesiología.Estudia mov.cuerpo, Marx, grav KNOWLEDGE, braz Palanker CAPTURE leys. Thales of Miletus: amber rub, torpedo fish, water life heat, sun, Manantials .. Diocles of Carystus: 1 disecc.benefic masaj and subs.''''H From victu Salubri ERÓFILO: n.org sent: movvolun.disecc públ.1 º dissect human anim and Hippocrates: wna alim, anatripsis, ambi important Fisika, weather, autocu.kinesiot force,''About''and''artic winds, waters and places.''

S. XX: HUBB: 1st tank hidrogimn Metalkas débils xa mus. LOWETT: bass evol. musc. Kendal and lo mjor Daniels. Pohlman: ultras, antiinfram, analgésiko. HERSCHAL: infrared; MAIN: LASR; Lapicque: corr.altr low freq. expo.Cronaxia, reobas, excitac threshold. NEMEC: corri.interf.RITTER: rays ultr.VODDER: drainage línf.LEDUC: dre cient basis. lymph. KABAT: easy. neuroms propioc.reflej. Knapp and Miller: gonio.escoli. WHITNEY: xa shortwave hyperthermia. Barach and MILLER: Labis ej.resp.obstr fund aereo.resp fluid and respectful diafragm controlad.HERTZ: corri.alt freq. EBERT: drainage post kinesit resp. Insuf diafrg. CODMAN: ex. pensulars hombr.

S. XIX: LING:''Perf physical and moral citizen mdiant dl ej = branches gimnas.Mov''not passive, act, duals, and mus antag agons, contractures. excéntrik.Masaj concentric and Swedish. KNEIPP PRIESSNITZ: hydrologist. DUCHEME DE BOULOGNE: Pad elect, located motrs punts. TAYLOR STILL: osteopath. DELPECH:Montpelier schools. scoliosis. ZANDER: Mechanotherapy. D'ARSONVAL: elect, diathermic, alt freq.; Francisco Amor:''tried to educate Gimn and moral.''Pravaz: Rueda d Hombo.

S.XVII-XVIII: Giovanni Borelli:''''motu animalium, mechanical musc, mov and meca.mov musc. BARTHEZ: Analz post and careers, salt x into muscles. ALFONSO LIMON MONTERO: hydro.''Españ waters mirror crist .''HUNTER: agon.antag, mov precoce, mjor volume. TISSOT: 1 lib ejer.terapet.''gynastiq medic pac ...'' mov op, Masjid conocr anat, anals mov. Coulomb and Cavendish: a measure of effect strength elected. VOLTA: mecano elect. galva.refl cont corr or breastfeeding. GALVANI: botel.d Leyden., elec animl, 2 cond almacna Angila and gold and copper.

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