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Renaissance Art: Origin: Italy (Florence). Renaissance: The rebirth of the arts, beliefs, politics, education in the context of Greco-Roman antiquity. Causes of Renaissance origin: 1) emerge-Roman sages griegos.2) coldness religiosa.3) consiencia to assert itself in the artist (name of the artist in paintings) .4) environment that exists in classical history Italia.5) invention of printing and paper use. Renaissance periods: century XV and XVI century. Caracteristicas Generales: rational thought (It starts to think) takes on importance in artista.2) naturalism (works with natural appearance) .3) monumentalidad.4) expresibidad dynamics. Architecture: Dome on scallops is replaced x dome flat. 2) replaced x pointed arch round arch. Materials: white marble, brick. XVI century architecture: Overlap of classical orders or a single giant order. representatives and works: Siglo XV: Felipe Brunmeleschi: Florence Dome. Leon Alberti Church of San Andres. XVI Century: Michelangelo: Cathedral of St. pedro.Rafael Sanctions: Catedral de San Pedro.Donato Bramante Vatican Palace. Sculpture: Obsecion with the human body (male) in motion.2) Appears Bust-Retrato.3) are children. sculpture of the sixteenth century: His works equipped with balance, grandiosity and perfeccion.2) some figures of slaves. representatives and works: Siglo XV: Lorenso Ghiberti: Doors Baptisterio.Andrea del Verrocchio: Mausuleo Juan and San Pedro de medicis.2) David Teen. XVI Century: Miguel Angle: piety, Moses, David. Donatto Donatello: Gattamelata, David, have mercy. Pintura; Sure oscuro.2) Esvelt perfection with great caballera.3) Geometria.4) Themes men. XVI Century Painting: Tendency to simplifidad.2) clarity and grandiosidad.3) hacentua is movement. representatives andworks: Siglo XV: Paul Uccello, Battle of San Pedro.Alejandro Bottichelli: Birth of Venus. Masaccio: exculcion of paraiso.2) tribute to cease. XVI Century: Leonardo De Vinci: Mona Lisa or Monalisa.2) last cena.3) virgin and niño.Miguel Angle: vault of the chapel sixtina.2) Creation of Adam ( Man.) Raphael: Madonna.2) School of Athens. Baroque Art: Concept: q artistic movement emerged against the revival in the late fifteenth century and extends to the sixteenth century. Country Origin: Italy. General Characteristics: passion and dynamism .2) for reality

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