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r Contribution rejected Amadeo Avogadro All gases expand equally with temperature
(Charles, Gay-Lussac) 1811: they contain the same number of atoms, molecules per unit volume at a given temperature H 2 O: not accepted by Dalton and Berzelius 1860: First International Chemical Congress in Karlsruhe. 140 participants. Cannizzaro.
The mica Espectroquí Joseph Fraunhoffer Atomic Absorption and Emission Spectrum Robert Bunsen solar cells, light meters and burners
Gustav Kirchhoff 1845 Electric Potential Oscillations electrical circuits 1857 black body Spectroscopy 1860
Table dica Peri (1869)Dmitri Mendeleyev
Noble gases in the air 1894: Argon 1895: He (uranium ore) 1898: Ne, Kr, Xe 1900: Rn
X-ray (1895)
1896 Henri Becquerel radioactivity of uranium salts: 1898 B rays Marie Curie polonium and radium
The Manhattan Project 1942 Leslie Groves Build Atomic Bomb "Three years, Separating isotopes tresbombas effects Calculate
Atomic bomb father Robert Oppenheimer
Jan ORGANIOCA CHEMICAL INDUSTRYI Ingenhousz l t f for i in t ing cough i is ((1779))
l ing t he ran r W i i 1856l l l l i iam i in Pe rk in Augus t t f f f Ho fmann
John Hya t
t t t 1870:: ce l lu the iLeo Baeke land ide l 1909:: bake i t i l l l l l Wa ta lace Ca r ro t t t Dupon thers in 1931:: Neoprene 1935:: nyl lon
asp i i r r i 1898 ina
LOUIS PASTEUR Rogi dex r r t t l ras and anger levóg i ce r rveza wine and generac i r t ion tane spontaneous pas teu r r i t i ion vaccines Izac án rax r t t r i rab ia
The light e l l c t tr i lé ica Incandescent Arc 1802 Humphrey Davy: 1870 Joseph Swan Thomas Edison's Irving Langmuir: TE, 1915 Download in Gase Peter Hewitt: mercury vapor, 1903 Georges Claude: neon, 1911
War ten pa t te s t s ((lbe the s)) Albert Einstein absorption, spontaneous and stimulated emission Charles Townes (Bell Labs) 1954: microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation Arthur Schawlow Theodore Maiman 1960: Gordon Gould ruby laser 1959: wins the lawsuit en1977
Na tture of l l l Leza Corpuscular light wave Christiaan Huygens, Isaac Newton Thomas Young James Maxwell wave-particle duality Louis de Broglie
D itr i s i s t i ibuc io n in fia s s i often include Isaac Newton Infrared Visible Ultraviolet William Herschel Ritter Johann Heinrich Hertz radiowaves James Maxwell
T he sGu spec tro t s s t tav irchho K i f ff f
Optical geometric Robert Grosseteste Willebrord Snell Ernst Karl Abbe - Karl Zeiss (Jena) Thomas Young Wave optics Augustin Fresnel Optics Max Planck Niels Bohr
Jame s s C. Maxwl l l l 1831 to -1879 Treaty of electricity and magnetism, Maxwell's equations 1873 electric field magnetic field
W i il n t TGen lhem Rö 1845 to -1923 1895: X-rays
Rad i iac iió n de l l black body of the Max Planck's hypothesis
THE Electromagnetism Alessandro Volltta v v O 1775: electronic forum 1786: contro mica with Galvani 1800: André stack Ampe re Mariie 1820: Oersted tico Act created magnetic field measuring apparatus Early theory to molecular flows
Georg Ohm 1787-1854 Educació n tica familiar mathematical GUIDANCE Laplace, Lagrange, Poisson, Biot Jesuit Gymnasium (Cologne) 1825-1827: Ohm's Law publishes Copley Medal 1841 FRS 1842 1845: Gustav Kirchhoff laws
Joseph Henry 1831: tele graph 1 mile magnetic Inducció n tica: transformer
James Cllerk Maxwellll Treaty of electricity and magnetism, Maxwell's equations 1873 elé citrus field magnetic field tico
Thomas Edison Allva tele graph and rail lá mpara The incandescent (1880)
Menlo Park Edison Electric Light 1000 + patents cinema the phone graph
George Westtiinghouse 1865: rotary steam má quina 1865: railing 1869: pneuma brakes ticos 1880: Señ ales and Neuman tics elé ctricas 100 + patents
Nikola Teslla 1856-1943 1882: Edison Co. in Pari s 1881: Rotary citrus field elé 1882: AC Motor 1891: Tesla coil, high frequency and high Tensió n 700 + patents
Ernst Werner von Siemens 1847: Johann Georg Halske Tele graph between Berli n Frankfurt 1866: self-excited generator ctricos elé 1881: tram elé ctricos
Tele graph Siiemens & Halske machine Má railways Tele phone industry electrodom Stice ticos Semiconductor Systems Medical informatics
THE ELECTRONIC Merriiam - Webstter 1891:: ellecttrron 1902:: ellecttrroniic deviices orr equiipmentt 1910:: ellecttrroniics faith
The ttubos Crookes Wiilllliiam Crrookes
Cattódiicos rays Karrll Ferrdiinand Brraun 1899 acopllamiientto inducttiivo of anttenas
Pudiing Ell Joseph John Thomson Thomson desviiados with 1897 parttíícullas fields with mass 1 / 1840 H is the Attomica diiviisiiblle
Ernestt Ruttherffor Rays, and pllanettarriio modello dell Attomica even physical chemistry Nobel
Ell regiisttro Magnetti Valldemarr Poullsen 1898 Vállvullas 1904:: ell diiodo John Fllemiing 1906:: ell audiión Lee De Forrestt Edwiin Arrmsttrrong
Ell ttransiisttor 1947 John Barrdeen Walltterr Brrattttaiin Wiilllliiam Shocklley 1948 Transiisttorr of UNIIONE
Kiillby Jack Ciircuiittos iinttegrados sollies ciircuiitt "1958 Texas IInsttrrumentts Roberrtt Noyce uniittary ciircuiitt" 1961 Faiirrchiilld Semiiconducttor Prremiio Nobell 2000

The Tele graph COMMUNICATIONS Charles Wheatstone William Sturgeon Joseph Henry Werner Siemens Samuel Morse
The transatlantic cable ntico First success: 1858 Final: 1866 probl: electronic economy mecca
Phone1876 Alexander Graham Bell telephone Difficulties 1914: Transcontinental 1915: Transatlantic (radio) 1956: First transatlantic telephone cable. TAT-1 of 36 canale 1948 Mobile 1947 Transistor
J ames C. radio waves Oliver Heaviside Maxwell Heinrich Hertz
Satel lites TELSTAR 1957: Sputnik 1960: Echo (person) 1962: Telstar 1963: Syncom 2 1965: Intelsat 1
Transport technology Concursso of Rainhilll (1829)) Rocket "by George Stephenson" sans pareil "Timothy Hackworth" Novelty "of John Ericsson
ANTIBIOTICS Joseph L i is t b Asepsis Antisepsis
Pau lEhr l l l i ich syphilis Chemotherapy
1895 Radiology Estestoscopio 1820
Card i Iopa tt t t as: vá l l lvu the 1952 Charles Hufnagel, descending aorta 1953: John Gibbon oxygenator extracorporeal 1960: Dwight Harken: aortic ball valve
Heart diseases pacemaker: 1954: Walton Lillehei, external 1958 with Earl Bakken: transistor 1958, Elmqvist and Senning, implanted
CULTURAL TECHNOLOGY Johann Gutenberg The Printing Press
The press 1631, Gazette de France 1660, Gaceta de Madrid
Photographs 1826 - Joseph Nicephore Niepce 1840 - Louis Jacques Daguerre 1841 - William Talbot 1888 - George Eastman (Kodak) 1937 - Edwin Land (Polaroid)

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