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White lie: 

Economical with the truth:
 Denies: Own up: 
Two – time: Gossip: 
 Makes up:
 Fall for: 
Pigs might fly:
Tell tales: Fake: 
Masterminded: planned a complicated Project 
Set foot on: stand or walk on 
Fluttering: moving lightly and quickly Breeze: 
a gentle wind Nouveau riche:a person who has recently Become rich 
Stepfather: a man who is married to your Mother but is not your real father Left wing supports: 
Right wing believes in:
 PC (political correct) cannot condone: Extremist reckons: 
Terrorist convinced: 
Agnostic maintains:
Environmentalist opposes: 
Activist disapproves of: 
See eye to eye:
 Black and white: 
Sits on the fence: 
Point of view: 
Play devil’s advocate: 
Wind up: 
Keen on 
Skeptical about
 Obsessed with 
Fussy about 
Grateful to (him) for
Brilliant at 
Responsible for 
Concerned about 
Different from
 Suitable for 
Concentrate on
Cope with 
Hear about 
Hear of 
Rely on 
Succeed in 
Think about 
Think of 

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