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messenger RNA (mRNA): Carries genetic information From DNA to the ribosomes in the cytoplasm, where protein synthesis occurs.

ribosomal RNA (rRNA): Joins with proteins made in the cytoplasm to form the subunits of Ribosomes, one large and one small.

transfer RNA (tRNA): Transfers a single amino acid to the ribosome 


Helicase Separates the DNA strands. 

The Promotors mark the beginning of transcription and RNA polymerase binds to the Complex to join the nucleotides into a new complementary chain of RNA.

The New mRNA molecule separates from the DNA template and moves from the nucleus to The cytoplasm to be translated by the ribosomes.


It is the decoding of the message in mRNA Into a chain of amino acids (polypeptide).
It takes place in the ribosomes.

tRNA reads the message on mRNA in groups of three letters (nucleotides).

CODON: the sequence of three nucleotides in mRNA That is read by the anticodon (complementary sequence) of a tRNA.

03 nucleotides code for a specific amino Acid that joins to the tRNA.

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