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It had been a long day for Pedro Molinas, a successful Scientist who had been studying the human being his whole life. However Pedro Was tired because he doesnt find the meaning of life..He had dreamed all his Life to create a live being, so he decided to try it. Pedro brought all the lab Material he found and started to mix different substances. It was midnight. At Last, he had created  a kind of egg, very Similar to an ostrich egg. He decided to open it and by surprise it was empty. He became mad and started to kick everything. Suddenly he heard a strange Noise. Pedro turned around and he saw next to de egg, a small human with red Eyes. He was surprised, it was his “son”..Pedro, excited, tried to talk to him, But the humanoid threw him acid from his mouth and Pedro Molinas died. The Humanoid run away. He was free.

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