Holiday leave

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Synonyms: To stay= to remain; To run away To escape; present= gift; concern= worry; dangerous= risky= unsafe; to depart= to set off to leave; unwell= ill=sick; unhappy sad miserable; link= connection; to respond= to reply= to retort; help= aid assist; important= relevant= remarkable; to look into= to investigate= to inspect= to research; average=standard; trend= tendency= current fashion; obsolete= out of date; in fact= actually; track= way= path; real= genuine; quarrel= dispute=verbal fight= argument; fortunate lucky; fair= blond; to be present at= to attend; to go on= to continue; scared= terrified= alarmed; polite= respectful; aim= goal; skills= abilities; to reduce= to shorten= to diminish; to pursue= to chase; worthwhile= rewarding= sufficiently important= valuable;

Specific vocabulary: Groom; widower; crowd; health; wealth; scare; device; shy; to set up; development; to assume; famine; to look after; to stare; distress; distrust; budget; damage; deposit; likely; achievement; challenge; to fulfil; duty; famine; humankind; evidence; to provide; otherwise; to afford; to overcome; guest; somehow;
Derivative words: Propose- proposal; strong-strength; specify- specific; death-deathly; receive- receipt; apply- application; long- length; lose-loss; trouble- troublesome;
Opposite words: Deaf-hearing; wealthy. Poor; safe- endangered; noisy-noiseless; polite-rude; certain- unclear

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