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2.1 A new monarchy is Born

five kingdoms on the Iberian Peninsula.Members of the Same family (the House of Trastámara) ruled in two of those kingdoms: the Crown of Aragón and Crown of Castilla. In 1469, Fernando II of Aragón Married Isabel I, the sister of Enrique IV of Castilla, who died in 1474. Fernando II inherited the Aragonese throne in 1479. To gain her right to The throne of Castilla, Isabel I had to defeat Juana, the king’s Daughter and heir, in a Civil War that ended in 1479. Isabel and Juana were Supported by Aragón and Portugal, respectively.

The marriage of Isabel and Fernando laid the Foundations for the development of modern Spain, and also for the Catholic monarchy. The pope bestowed the title of Catholic King and Queen on the couple. The new monarchy was a dynastic union because it was the result Of a marriage between two monarchs

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