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present simple

i/you/we/they--> play   don't       do         

he/she/it---> plays        doesn't    does       

they live in italy, i don't like this cake, does she play volleyball?

present continuous

i---> am       am not      am

he/she/It---->    is      is not     is

we/you/they-----> are        are not     are

my sister is having a shower now

past simple to be

i/he/she/it-----> was     wasn't     was     

we/you/they---->were  wern't     were                                  

i was at home

verbi regolari

i diden't play volleyball 

he studied 

did she played volleyball  

used to---> erano soliti    he used to paint when he was a young men                                                  

  •  make the beds
  • do (ironing,the washing,laudry,dusting,washing up)
  • take out rubbish
  • hang out the clothes
  • lay/clear the table
  • sweep/mop the floor
  • vacuum/hoover the floor/carpet
  • microwave
  • iron
  • coffe machine
  • toaster
  • vacuum cleaner
  • blender--->frullatore
  • electric kattle---> bollitore

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