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The cult environmental documentary film “H O M E “ produced in 2009 by the French director Artur Yaan-Bertrand not only made me feel really aware of the critical footprint that we humans are letting on our beautiful earth, but also motivated me to keep trying to make the world a better place and don't give up with trying to make big positive changes.
The film begins with an explanation of how this miracle we called home was made. The evolution of the planet with its atmosphere, plants, animals and even the first cells. The whole movie is taken from a breathtaking bird perspective and the beautiful pictures make you only feel more and more connected to our mother earth. After explaining the evolution and making us aware of in what a life miracle we are lucky to live, the moderator who explains everything with a calm and almost hypnotic voice starts talking about how we as humans have managed to destroy and take over most of the world's resources. We have taken this rare and mysterious wonder with its fragile balance the earth ecosystem is and have tried to shape it after our own image.
 Some group of people has decided to destroy forest, waters, landscapes for there very personal and short termed monetary profit

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