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sea ​​lions
Known for their intelligence, their way of tinkering, their loud sounds, sea lions are marine mammals of a single fin, relatives of the seals (Otariidae). Like the other members of this family, as the navy seals, sea lions are distinguished from the true seal by their external ears, long, flexible neck, flexible members and its rear flap can be used to walk on land . Sea lions differ from seals that have thin hair short and rough instead of smooth and thick.
It is one of the best known, present even in one of the anime films of recent times seabirds.
They are characterized by high peak and also by having their legs with four webbed fingers, it is an incredibly animals swallowing salt water and living in the sea, and her throat becomes sweet to consume water.
Humboldt penguins
It is a medium sized bird, manages to reach between 56 and 72 cm in length and weighing 3.3 to 4.9 kg, has a fleshy pink stain covering the circumference of the eye and the back of the peak in both sections, the meatiness is surrounded by a patch of black color half of the head, above this a white line running from head to thighs and also joins the belly, which is white it extends and presents a horseshoe-shaped line of black color. The black color covers the back of the animal, including the head, and the top of the fins, the latter at the bottom are white with black spots. They have a peak of 10 cm.
sea ​​lion
Sea lions share certain characteristics with the seals, but the former have external ears, their skin is thick, short and very bulky coat. Males are larger than females, usually up to five times, which makes them one of the animals with greater sexual dimorphism. The measurement range is 1.8 m to 3.0 m in length and 100 kg to 1,000 kg. The larger dimensions are by Steller sea lion (Steller sea lion).

These mammals have the ability to move their hind flippers forward face and give them strength also to move along the coast without much difficulty.

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