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Pollinators are important because it helps With plant fertilization, but the most known one, honey bees are damaging America’s Ecosystem

Plot and message of bee movie

History of honey bees journey to America by Europeans in 1852 and spread through America in the next 200 years because of The gold rush of 1853 and how America has had always great plant life

Are honey bees that important?

Pollinators are extremely important, but Honey bees aren´t the only ones out there, example, agapostemon.

20,000 species of bees, not all make honey, Some don´t sting, and those 20,000 bees aren´t the only pollinators

Honey bees are invaders, Jonas geldmann From Cambridge university thinks bees harm the environment

Quote: “they spread diseases, they compete With wild pollinators for resources” end quote

Published by nature, new species on a Climate has changes for bad, including they don´t have predators

Nature published about bumblebees decline is Because honey bees´ diseases spill into bumblebees, apart that honey bees take Nectar out of flowers for honey, while others can do it without taking away Nectar, all making western bees guilty for other species having less offspring, And farmers protect them, having a survival advantage

Bees and humans symbiosis is  important for bees because without humans, Bees would die, and wild pollinators will have their territory and nectar 

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