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Hotel Management
Moving with time and reason
Types of tourism: national and international
Deportivo cutural, ecotourism, social, religious
Family, ecological, alternative, fun, personal, trip
Tourism generates entries
Tourism enterprises: is one that offers a service through a payment.
Hotel: an establishment that provides room and board by a payment.
Classification: motel, hotel, bungalow, guest house, hostels, cabins, timeshares, Mezon, tent.
Companies tourist hotels, restaurants, nightclubs.
Airlines and Sea:
Car rental
Exchange House
Bars cafeteria.
Airline: Mexicana, Aeromexico, Lufthansa
American aero lines, click, Internet
Land lines: white star, yellow arrow, gold star.
Maritime: princess.

Aeronautical alphabet:
Alpha, Bravo, Coca, Delta, Echo, Fox, Golf, Hotel, India
Juliet, kilo, lima, metro, nectar, osca, papa, quebec
Romeo, Sierra, Tango, union, victor, whiskey, xtra
Llanque, Zulu.
Division caurtos cleaning, amade keys, reception, reservations, phone, uniformed personnel.
Food and drink: restaurant, bar, cafeteria.
Keys naciomnales major airports:
Acapulco: here
Water acalientes: agu
Campeche: cpe
Can-cun: cun
Chetumal: ctm
Chihuahua: cuu
Ciudad del Carmen: cme
Ciudad Victoria: cvm
Colima CLQ
Cozumel: CXM
Culiacán: cul
Guadalajara: GDL
Hermosillo: hmo
Jalapa, Veracruz: jal
Peace: lap
Ropes: cjd

Mazatlan: MZT
Merida: mid
Mexicali: mxl
Mexico City: mex
Minatitlan: MTT
Monterrey: mty
Puerto Vallarta: PVR
Queretaro: qro
Reinosa: rex
Saltillo: slw
San Luis Potosi slp
Tampico: tam
Tapachula: tap
Tepic: TPQ
Tijuana: tij
Veracruz: see
Villa hermosa: vsa
Zacatecas: xcl

Profile Editor: BA in administration
1 or 2 maestrias
Minimum age 30 to 45 years
Mininima Experience 3 years
Mastering least 2 languages
Good presentation
Having the gift of command
Rule: Rules that must be met
Regulation: organization, responsibility
Compliant Standards
Department housekeeper verifies supplier standards
Supplies: soap, cream, toilet paper etc. ..
White: sheets, towels, pillows, curtains etc. ..
Presentation: ease of speech, time availability, computer management, experience of 2 years.
Human resources: human resources analyst, human resource supervisor, human resources manager.
Function: recruitment.
Aim. Providing good service.
Warehouse: target: where materials are stored
Controls and maintains records and provides localization support
Supplies for the hotel for short, medium and long term.
Functions: to control entry and exit of supplies
Under constant information to the purchasing department
Monitors do not run out of supplies.
Existence function: delay the materials avastecimiento
Sumistros partial Alamacenamiento
Buy or total economic output.
Warehouse equipment: Strategies, boxes, boxes
Shelves, shelves.
Primary Motives - innate, biologically determined, learning has no role.
Secondary reasons - learning is fundamental, the acquired along socialization.
Reasons for joining: T hose are of interest to establish, maintain, or maintain social relationships in order to spend as little time as possible alone. This comprises:
Image and status
Compliance of similarity
Reasons for success: is the tendency to seek success in work and performance.
Subjects of power: the relationship between 2 persons where one has control over another.
Reason: it is the conscious experience that helps us determine an individual's behavior.
Motivated behavior: is one that represents strength and persistence to an end.
Competence: the ability of a tourism industry to achieve its objectives.
Profitability: the ability of the company to generate higher profits for investments.
The Upright: the ability of tourism businesses to ensure their long-time achievements sn is exhausted to the environment.
And going from a national and international markets.

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