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COMMERCIALIZATION ROAD TRASNPORT :  Transport company:   It owns a vehicle fleet.● Traffic department manages the main activity. Workers are organized● Depending on the market, export/return journey traffic, language, etc● It can “sell” freight that cannot carry with its own vehicle fleet.
COMMERCIALIZATION OF TRANSPORT ROAD : Auxiliary activities. transport operator: ● Warehouse owner. Distributor: it keeps goods in its warehouse. Activities of manipulation, order preparation.  ● Freight forwarder: only works in an international area. It is in the position to give a global service offering several complementary services to the transport, as can be for instance logistic services, storage, distribution and so on. 

  ● It has usually a chain of collaborators all over the world. this offers the possibility of making a multimodal transport completely adapted to the necessities of the customers.
CMR MAIN ARTICLES : ● It is always applied when the country of origin or destination contracting country of the cmr convention. ● When the article containing the goods is carried over part of the journey by sea, rail or air, this convention will apply to the whole of the carriage. ● The carrier is responsible for the acts and omissions of his agents and
servants, and of any other person of whose services he makes us for the
performance of the carriage. ● When the carrier receives the goods, he has to check: -The accuracy of the statements in the consignment note: number of packets and their marks and numbers. -The apparent condition of the goods and their packaging .CMR MAIN ARTICLES ● The sender will be responsible for all expenses, loss

and damage sustained by the carrier by inaccuracy of the information included in the consignment note. The carrier will be liable for the total or partial loss of the goods and for the damage that occurs between the time when he takes over the goods, and the time of the delivery, as well as for any delay (there are some exceptions) 
ROAD TRANSPORT CONTRACT DOCUMENTS Transport order● There is not one standardized templatTransport conditions are specified
The CMR consignment note ( carta de
porte)● It proves that the contract of carriage existsIt is filled when the goods are being loadedFour original copies are made out, and they are signed by the sender and the carrierCopy 1.- SenderCopy 2.- Consignee Copy 3.- Carrier Copy 4.- Administrative use

● The name and address of the sender 1
● The name and address of the consignee 2
● The place of delivery. Place and date of teking over 3 4
● Documents attached (packing list, commercial invoice, certificate of origin) 5
● The number of packages and their special marks and numbers 6 7
● The description, regarding common use, of the nature of the goods, method
of packaging, and, in the case of dangerous goods their recognized
description 8 9
● The gross weight of the goods 11
● Volume in m³ 12
● Sender Instructions 13
CONSIGNMENT CONTRACT MAIN CONTENTS Payment Instructions 14 Cash on delivery 15
Carrier 16 Successive carriers 17
Carrier Reservations and observations 18
Special agreements 19To be paid 20The date of the consignment note and the place at wich it is made out 21
The signature and stamp of the sender, the carrier and the consignee 22 23 24

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