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A Streetcar Named Desire-Tennessee Williams 

There are three literary movements that can be Found in this play and they all combine to produce a double image: that of Realism and naturalism on the one hand, and that of romantic perspective. characters are Figures condemned to a deterministic end. Blanche and Stella -but mostly Blanche- represent romanticism, but Blanche especially as she creates an unreal Vision of herself. Stanley and Stella are realist characters but they are also Determined to a naturalistic tragedy because they are unable to escape their Social and economic condition. Also, Stella is determined by heredity because She is a remnant of the Old South and Stanley represents the immigrant working Class. The transition in the story is Blanche-Stella-Stanley. . The apartment is in a building at the end of an Alley, it stands for symbols of the character’s tragedy and Determinist end. This is the place (jail) where the characters live tragically And there is an expression in the play that is repeated several times: ‘’everything is just round the corner’’. It means the impossibility of the Characters to live another existence in another part of the city so Blanche and Stanley may be regarded as the symbols of the “two Americas”: Blanche Represents the decadent south, the old plantations culture and Stanley the new America of the immigrants. this play is Very much about the symbolic clash between old and new / past and present - new America vs Old America; new /old South, the dying of the aristocratic class, The disappearance of the a pastoral-romantic past in opposition to the harsh, Brutal, present that is represented in Stanley and his environment. In all These examples, Blanche and Stanley act as representation of their respective Ideas. Blanche is all about the past and Stanley is all about present because As an immigrant he has no past in America. 

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