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be able to,can,could:poder,podria/need to,have to,must:necessites,has de,deus de/may,might:possiblitat,poder,podria ser que/should,ought to:consells:hauries de,podries///bec of,due to,owing to,as a res of:degut a + noun.We didnt go out due to the bad weather.Teen suicide numb  have increased bc of harassment caused by a res,therefore,so,consq,for treas:en conseq,com a resu.I study to much.Therefore i got good mrks.There was a terrible earthquake,as a result,its inhabitants are suffering.In spite of/despite:the bad weather,we played fot(a pesar d)although,though,even though:the weather was bad,we played fot.I decided to walk to the library,even though it was that(para q):i spoke loud and clear so that everybody could hear me.besides:ademas,it.S too early to get up,besides,i feel tired//tell/order:to+inf-suggest,recommened,advised:ing-apologize for ing-deny ing-promise to inf-accuse of ing-invite,warn,afford,agree,choose,decide,hope,want,refuse,mean,learn-admit,advice,allow,avoid,enjoy,keep,miss

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