Human actuality

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The presence of black men and women in the American continent dates back to the sixteenth century, when they were brought to replace in some jobs the indigenous population that had already been decimated by forced labor, war and disease. They came to work in the extraction of gold and silver in the continent, but also in a diversity of jobs that the Spanish colonizer demanded of them.

Why should this be celebrated?

The celebration of Black Ethnicity Month is a commemorative event to honor all those who for many years were subjected to psychological and physical abuse.  Human beings who were cruelly deprived of their freedom and condemned to forced labor because of the cruelty of their fellow human beings, whose only difference was the color of their skin. People who were victims of the highest cruelties just because they were born black, which at that time was a capital sin. People enslaved to the point of disrespect for freedom and human life, deprived of all rights, where women and men suffered all kinds of abuses. The payment for their work was only chains, whippings, rapes and even death.

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