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1.1)Reproduction Involve five processes.

Gametogenesis, the Process of forming gametes. Take place in gonads.

Fertilization, joining Of two gemetes and forming a zygote.Take place inside the female Reproductive system.

Embryo development, cell Division increases the number of cells that make up zygote, which Becomes an embryo then becomes a foetus.

Childbirth, birth of the Baby, human begins are live-bearing.

Development the baby Grows.

2)Changes leading to sexual maturity

the organs are called Primary sex characteristics, it produce between the 10 and 16 this Age its called puberty, the reproductive organs begin to prodecue sex Hormones, this hormones cause secondary sex characteristics to Develop:

Girls, the brast And external genitalia develop, the hips widen and public and Uderarm hair grows.

Boys, the bones Thicken and the muscles grow, the voice deepends: pubic and underamr Hair grows and hair grows on the face and chest.

3)All human being have Biological and phsycological characteristis that give them a sexual Identity . Sexuality is the way we feel as a person , this feeling Includes emotions, thoughts, and behaviours connected with sex,this Feeling marks the development of a person as well as his or her role In society. We all have sexual desieres called libido. Is influenced By our thoughts feelings state of mind and hormones. Sexual contact Between two people is called sexual intercourse it can be:

Heterosexual Intercourse takes place between man and women.

Homosexual Intercourse take place between two pople of the same sex.

2.1) Human Fertilization is The union or joining of the egg and the sperm, resulting in a Fertilized egg, otherwise known as azygote.

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