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Peace conferences

During and after the war, the three mail allied nations met al several conferences:

  • 1941 (Carta del Atlántico): they began to contemplate organization after WW2.
  • 1943 (Teheran Conference): they decide military measures they should take to bring the war to quickly end (overload operation).
  • 1945 (Yalta Conference):
    1. The Allied leaders agreed to eradicate the Nazi regime.
    2. Divide up Germany into four areas (for each country).
  • 1945 (Potsdam Conference): after the end of the war, the winners decided on Germany’s punishment.

New International order

There is a new order after the war because of the circumstances:

  • Japan and Germany were out of the important decisions. France and Italy were clearly inferior.
  • The power was divided between United States and the USSR (their previous relation was broken).
  • United Kingdom was important but not enough.

The United Nations organization (ONU)

Was created in San Francisco in 1945 with some goals:

  • Maintain international peace and safety.
  • To achieve international cooperation in economical, cultural o social issues.
  • The protection of human rights without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.

The United Nations is organized in: the General Assemby, the Security Council, the Secretary-General and the International Court of Justice.

The UNESCO, OIT, FMI or FAO are part of the United Nations as well.

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