Human actuality

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  1. How did Winston spend long afternoons as a child? Scrounging for scraps of food from garbage bins, rubbish heaps, and a road where trucks sometimes dropped bits of cattle feed.
  1. What sudden change came over Winston’s mother after his father’s disappearance? Winston’s mother suddenly became “completely spiritless,” going about her work very slowly and apparently waiting for something to happen.
  1. What is the “never-mentioned thing that was about to happen”? Was Winston’s mother’s arrest.
  1. What did Winston take from his younger sister? A portion of chocolate
  1. What are Reclamation Centers? Are colonies for homeless children. They were established after the Civil War.
  1. Why does Winston believe his mother possessed “a kind of nobility, a kind of purity”?  Because she lived by her own private standards and feelings and did not believe that her actions were meaningless just because they were ultimately ineffective.
  1. What is important to Winston about the arm gestures made by his mother in his dreams and by the Jewish woman on the news film? Both Winston’s mother and the Jewish woman on the news film were holding and protecting their children with their arms even though they were powerless to actually keep their children safe 

  2. Why does Winston believe the proles have “stayed human” while Party members like himself and Julia have not? Because they still value individual relationships, private loyalties, and the kind of personal feelings that Winston is having to relearn how to feel. 
  1. What does Winston say would be the “real betrayal”? would not be if he confessed but rather if the Party could make him stop loving Julia.
  1. What is the one thing Winston and Julia decide the Party cannot do? Is alter an individual’s private feelings; they cannot “get inside you.”
  1. What privilege does O’Brien say Inner Party members have that surprises winston and julia? O’Brien says Inner Party members have the privilege of occasionally turning off their telescreens.
  1. What is O’Brien’s “characteristic gesture”? is resettling his glasses on his nose.
  1. Who is Martin? Martin is O’Brien’s servant who is also a member of the Brotherhood; Winston thinks he may be Chinese.
  1. To whose health do O’Brien, Martin, Winston, and Julia drink? to the health of Emmanuel Goldstein
  1. What is the one thing Winston and Julia say they are not prepared to do on behalf of the Brotherhood? Is part and never see each other again.

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