Human actuality

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The two men begin to talk After both are pinned beneath a tree. A pack of wolfs appears. No, dangerous Situations can make people bond with one another.  A interloper is an intruder, At first each man Sees the other as an interloper, but the end, both men discover more dangerous Interlopers: wolves. Fate is beyond human control. The conflict between humans And nature is harder to resolve because nature contains elements such as wild Animals that cannot be controlled. Readers expect the men to be rescued once They have stopped seeing each other as enemies, instead they face a pack of Wolves. The use of an omniscient narrator creates as serious objective tone. The omnis narrat does not reveal the presence of wolves until the final line, But Ulrich would have revealed it sooner. Both men are preoccupied by the Desire for revenge, their shared hatred of each other brings them together and Leads to their death. Beverly demands that Millicent make her bed and survey People on a bus, these tests help Bev establish her superiority over Millicent. Millicent learns to value individuality over conformity. Millicent deals well With the pressures of joining a sorority and does the right thing, she maintains Her sense of humor and her individuality. 

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