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turnips for animal feed-nbo and other root crops
barley for making beer,flor and animal feed
wheat to make bread
grass or clover for animal feed.
large areas of land and pastures became privately owned.
appeared new transport due to technological advances, so thanks to steam engine motor, locomotive created by Stephenson and the steamship were created.
exxpansion of the railway arnd europe: -its safer and faster than other and it could carry more passengers and goods in less time and a low cost.
-factories had bad working conditions(work 10 12h for less money)and causes illiness and death.  -industrialisation came with pollution.Factories produced a lot of air pollution, so was the 1st time tha the life in coun trie is more heathy than in cities. Chemicals and dirty water were split on rivers and soil caused water and land pollution   -industr.. Attracted immigrants from country  -factories transport facilities and apartaments mix togheter without planification. Proletariat houses were tiny, poor and unhealthy -some machines took the place of human labour, 1st in country so peasants migrated to cities and later inside the factories, resulting to high employment. -child and female labour was very common. Factories and mines paid them very low salaries for long and unsafe working hours. Long working periods often causes deformities in children.
1majority 2women 3children 4owners 5goverments 1factories 2machines 2.1without 3workers 1children 2physical deformities 3girls 4labour unions

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