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Nowadays, we can see everywhere news about global warming and how this is destroying some habitats of endangered animals, when you search information on the internet is common to find organizations that are making a lot of effort to safe the life of different species. //There are animals, as orang-utan, and polar bear that are in danger. Most people don`t care about wildlife, they usually spend plenty of time living in big cities and generally don`t think outside it. On the other hand, some of them are facing extinction because humans often make mistakes that endanger the lives of these animals. // It is true that the pollution is increasing now, so in the near future all the species that live around the world are going to suffer, but we need to protect them because they deserve to live. Let's start to do new things like avoid cutting down the trees and educate young people, because maybe they can save the world. // The permanent exhibition in zoos allows us to see in the distance how these animals have to live and not always in good condition. I think that more wild areas should be created where they can feel safe, it is a difficult job, but not impossible.
// Without a doubt, we must do everything in our power to change that situation, and not let it die out.

The destruction of habitats is the main cause of extinction of species in the world. The main causes of habitat destruction are agriculture, mining, logging, overfishing and urban sprawl. Due to the rapid expansion of the global human population, there is an increase in the world food demand, which leads to an increase in the area of agricultural lands destined for food crops, leading to an acceleration of the destruction of the habitat for Meet the nutritional needs of humans. // Another subject is hunting, although many animals are protected against hunting, that does not stop some unscrupulous people who practice illegal hunting. This is known as poaching and in many places represents a lucrative activity thanks to the high prices that have the horns, ivory and the skin of these protected animals, among other parts of the body.

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