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 Alice come into a fortune last month

His factory closed down due The bankrupt

Scientist are coming on the Unknowing uses of the mind

We went to see our cousing off at the airport

When planes take off your Ears have a funny sensation

Will you come around someday? We miss you

My sister has taken up gymnastics

Many species have died out due The human action

Cars and factories give off harmfull Gases into the atmosphere

We shouldn’t throw away rubbish Anywhere

Please, take down what im Going to dictate

How did you manage to sail through the Exam without studying?

Has your brother get over? Is He better?

he suggest making some revision

he promised to lend me your car

he congratulated on doing an excellent job

he denied saying anything

he ordered me to stop making that noise or he would punish Me

he thanked for sending those flowers

he suggested being more catious

he admitted he lied beacouse he had to

he warned me not to touch that

he agreed that I was right, and we would do that again

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