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ARISTÓTELES: (384-322 b.C.) Aristóteles was one of the most important father of the philosophy. He wrote nicomachean. We have to train ourself and then life in society. The man lives to be in a society, which makes you civilize. He divided society in: man(person), family( those who belong to the father, not only those related by blood, but also the servants), and polis.
He was the master of Alexander the Great and student of Platón. He created Liceo in Athens. Gave importance to conciousness (EX: the sooner you realise you are angry, the better).
Government: rule yourself, ru your family and rule polis. To govern your family, you have to govern your self. 
For him the human is divided in two parts: soul (rational, mind. It dominates the appetites) and body (irrational, senses). It is neccessary to have both of them.

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