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'beloved sweetheart bastard' - powerful oxymoron: contrast btwn luv n h8,confit of feelings                                                                                                                'wished him dead' - thoughts of revenge/bitterness (line 1+2).

'Ive dark green pebbles 4 eyes' - met: comparison experience hs lft her hardened. green connot8ons jealousy.

'ropes on d back of my hand i coud strangle with'

S2 'spinster' - ss: emphasising d word hs been spat out.Sgl word shows her label

'i stink' - no longer takes care of herself

'cawing' - onomat:  a bird's squawk,harsh cry  

'yellowing' - dress is dirty & old.Sugeest worn it 4 ong time,decaying

'trembling' - personific8on dress – suggests dat hav is highly emosh unable                                                                       2 take dress off

'slewed mirror' - broken like havisham

'her' - refers 2 her reflection

S3 'who did dis...2 me?' - enjambment: questions wht hs happnd 2 her,who 2 blame

'sounds nt words' - incoherent with anger

'in its mouth in its ear' - repet.Of its shows sinsiter she hs become.Ref him 2 a thing rather than human

S4 'luv's...H8' - enjambment highl.Oxymo.

'white veil' - ttempt 2 hide hatred

'red balloon bursting' - hint of celebr8on,abruptly ended wen jilted. dreams “burst”.

'bang' - onomat.Hints @ violence

 'stabbed @ a wedding cake' - connot.Of violence.Anger 2wards weddings.'a' hers?Distanced

'give me a male corpse 4 a long slow h1ymoon' - paradox: h1ymoon = enjoyable,confl.With desire 4 'male corpse'

'b-b-b-breaks' - mind as well as heart broke.Speach is fragmented - breaks down,she is distressed.

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