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Many people find technology useful but others do not share de same opinion. The question of whether technology is good for us or not has recently become a burning issue.

On the one hand, the arguments in favour of technology are very solid ones. In the first place, students can find answers about a lot of topics. In addition, having access to information any time it is needed is a major benefit of technology. Finally, technology has also allowed social media to be used for educational purposes.
On the other hand, the arguments agains of technology are equally cogent. First of all, the students are easily distracted by social media in the classroom. Moreover, technology can create dependency in our lives. Last but not least, a technology made the fraud became a very simple thing to do.
As far as I am concerned, I believe that each human should think that if they want use the technology the time has come for them to make a clear statement on this matter and to reach a decision based on theirs  personal situation

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