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natural environment on a resource, factors influence: -population

 -technology -energy -consumption.  THE MAN THREAT TO THE

 ENVIRONMENTS ARE: -air pollution -water pollution -endanged species -

erosion and desetification. AIR POLLUTION is caused by the emission of 

gases into the air as a result of human activity, is bad for the health.

SMOG: formed by chemical reaction between sunlight and nitrogen oxides 

at ground level. ACID RAIN: ocurss when the nitrogen oxides and carbon 

dioxide mix with rain to produce acids. OZONE: is a gas found in the 

atmosphere. WATER SUPPLY: 97 saler water 3 fres water 2 ice 1 

undergorund lakes rivers and potable. Fresh water is a renewable source 

but it is scarce, distribution isn´t even. DEFORESTATION:  is the loss of the 

area convered by forests as a result of human activity. 5factors forests are 

important. -forest absorb co2. -they are the habitat of species, plants and 

animals -they cover soil -they lower temperaturas of the eart´s -the trees 

play a role in the water cycle. SOIL DEGRADATION: is the loss of soil fertility 

due to the following factors. Contamination, erosion, deforestation, loss of nutrients.

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