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CREATIVITY. It is a dynamic process, also a Living and changing force of the human being. It is an indispensable element of Every human thing. CHARACTERISTICS. Flexibility, curiosity, action, interdependence, originality… STAGES GRAHAM WALLAS. Preparation (perceiving and analyzing the Situation and also the circumstances and dimensions that influence it), Incubation (the internalization of the Problem. Internal and unconscious), Lighting (when everything makes sense. The solution), Verification (The analyses and validation of the solution). TYPES. Deliberate and cognitive (They have a great amount of knowledge About something. These people spend time trying to develop solutions), Delib. And emot (They let their work Influenced by their state. Are emotional and sensitive in nature. They prefer Quiet and personal time to reflect. Are rational and logical in decisions’ Making) Spont. And cognitive (This Happens when one has the knowledge to get a particular job done, but it Requires inspiration and a hint to walk towards the right path. It usually happens At the most inconvenient time) Spon. And Emotional (This allows the enlightened person to look at a problem or Situation with a different and deeper viewpoint). PROCESSES OF CREATIVE EVOLUTION. Generation (It is Creating something. Creativity begins with generating ideas. You have to select The good ones) Variation (Every Individual is different, so their ideas will vary between them. Ideas may Succeed or fail) Originality (Do Things differently. Things we have not done or thought before means being Original and fully creative). STUDENTS IMPROVE (Encourage autonomy; Give Students direct feedback on their creativity) TEACHERS IMPROVE (Take a Risk to express your creative side; Embrace ambiguity)

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